Holy Thursday

“Do this in remembrance of me.” We break bread and we drink from the cup tonight at 6:00pm. We do this because the Lord first did it with the 12 on the night that his suffering began. We do this because Jesus commanded the first disciples to do this, as often as you do it, in remembrance of Him. We do this because this marks the new covenant in His blood and they, and we, are to continue to do it to proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. In remembrance of Jesus, we do it…

Memory is a powerful part of our lives…connecting us to our past. Of course, memories are both positive and negative for all of us. This memory is all about something positive from the past, so powerful that it connects to our present experience, even though it first happened almost 2000 years ago.

Each time it is celebrated in the Christian community, participants don’t just recall that it happened, they relive it! Jesus is not forgotten as the years go by because of these powerful symbols of His life, death, and resurrection. These images of the bread and wine help us to recall the sacrifice that Jesus made to demonstrate the depths of love that God in Christ has for all humanity.

Some of my formative Christian experiences have happened around the Lord’s supper. Experiences of deep healing, spiritual affirmation, an overwhelming sense of love, and Christian community…Every time I eat of the bread and drink from the cup, I know that my Redeemer lives!

What are your table experiences with the Lord like? What do you need to receive tonight?
Love and grace,