Dear Friends,

Advancing God’s Kingdom has always included increasing our reach. From the days of Jesus’s own ministry, to John Wesley’s time, through today — meeting people right where they are has been one of the most effective ways of sharing the Gospel message. In the same way Jesus reached crowds of people by sitting in a boat pushed just off the lakeshore, today we must find ways to amplify our message; not only in church on Sundays but also online through digital media. And today I’m excited to announce we’re doing just that!

As we settle into life as a family of churches in the Trinity Conference, we are rolling out a new communications strategy that includes a podcast. Voices of Trinity gives us a new platform for sharing our ideas, information and inspiration in a widely accessible and portable format; and in a medium that is very popular today. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll join us and share it widely with everyone you know.

Consider it the digital equivalent of your favorite table at the local coffee shop, where we gather for discussion on a variety of topics relevant to our shared ministries. The podcast topics and voices will vary between episodes but we will always stay focused on delivering high quality content that informs, inspires and draws us closer into community with God and each other.

So please join us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or you can also listen to the podcast on our website right now! I invite you to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join President Pro Tem, Jim Welch, Strategic Planning Chair, Drew Essen and me, as we reflect on our short history together as a Conference; and more importantly, where we are headed in 2024.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Jason Burnham
Executive Officer

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