What are the steps in our discernment process?


A group of 9 people met monthly from July through December of 2022 to pray for guidance and grace as they reviewed information related to the current option to “disaffiliate” from the United Methodist Church.  They invited everyone in our congregation to ask questions and they did their best to provide clear answers, given the most current information available.


The Discernment Team made it a priority to be as open as possible about their work. As an example, this webpage was put together so that everyone would have access to information that the Discernment Team was considering. There is a large volume of information and the options to consider continue to change, but the team responded faithfully. When the team was formed, they were asked to make a recommendation to the Church Board about whether
or not they believed that Greggton U.M.C. should enter into a formal 40-day discernment process that has been recommended by the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church; the Annual Conference to which Greggton U.M.C. belongs. At the end of the 40 days, most congregations hold a Charge Conference and the members vote regarding whether to disaffiliate. Disaffiliation means that our congregation would cut ties with the
United Methodist Church. It does not specify which, if any other, denomination Greggton would join.

It seems that there are new questions every day, so the form below is a great way to help us
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We held a series of church-wide gatherings focused on issues being raised in this discussion.  The gatherings addressed the following questions: how do we read the Bible?; how do we interpret Scripture concerning marriage and sexual identity?; and what are some pluses and minuses of the existing United Methodist Church?


The Church Board then met to conduct regular business, but most notably, to vote on whether to adopt the recommendation of the Discernment Team.  That vote passed. 


The congregation gathered to hear the recommendation of the Discernment Team and discuss all aspects of the issues before us.  Dr. Phil Farmer reported that the Discernment Team’s recommendation was that our congregation begin the formal discernment process.  Following the report, some had questions that we did our best to answer.  Some spoke about their own understanding of God’s leading.  Despite the serious subject matter and potential for hurt feelings, anyone who attended will tell you that those who spoke did so in a spirit of kindness. 


The formal 40-day congregational discernment process begins with a meeting of the District Superintendent and the Church Board.  That meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 12, 2003 at 3:00PM.  As always, any member of Greggton U.M.C. is welcome to attend meetings of the Church Board.

The Discernment Bulletin

Linked here is a downloadable PDF of all of the information regarding both sides of the discernment team, their research, as well as questions and answers leading up to this point in the process.


Thank you for blessing this church and empowering us to be a blessing. Be with us now as we enter into a time o discernment about issues that cause division and decisions about which there are differing opinions. We don’t want to be a divided church, but we are on a path toward discerning about things on which we are not all in agreement. We pray that you would be with us on this path and unite us in a spirit of live-for you and each other.

In difficult times, we know that we can pray for specific things:
1. Your Greggton family asks that in the coming days, we will bring all our thoughts to you. Remove the arrogance that makes us think we can interpret your holy scriptures without the help of your Holy Spirit. Bring us into a period of prayer in which you guide our minds and hearts to your truth.
2. Help us escape external man-made influences and lead us to seek only your wisdom to help us understand your word and will.
3. Help us to love the truth and seek to find it. Guard us against our tendency to ignore truths that are difficult and uncomfortable.
4. Leads us to a greater understanding of your Word. Too often we just focus on the parts of your Word that make us feel good or support our views. Our cherry-picking approach to your holy scripture lead us into confusing and misunderstandings that cause division. So, help us by clearly revealing your truth through your Word.
5. Help our church leaders guide us through this process. Direct them in your truth and give them spiritual wisdom to equip us for the task of discernment.

Sign Up for a Small Group Discussion

Sign Up For Prayer Times

We’re holding conversations about the best direction of our church family. It’s our expectation that if there is a vote and you plan to vote that you will participate in one of these small groups. If you are signing up to participate in a class or group, here are the days, classes are participating.

Click on the link to sign up for one of the groups. Individuals may sign up any time even if a class is scheduled for that day. Please sign up for only one of the groups. If you need to reschedule, please call the church office at 903.759.3831.

  • March 1 6:30pm - https://subspla.sh/8gtt97k/
  • March 5 2pm - https://subspla.sh/t2p6ppr/
  • March 8 6:30 pm - https://subspla.sh/k6gw9y2/
  • March 12 2pm - https://subspla.sh/gmr2xs2/
  • March 19 12:30pm - https://subspla.sh/3y8kmmr/
  • March 26 2pm - https://subspla.sh/yw4yjgh/
  • March 29 6:30 pm - https://subspla.sh/3v6dv5w/
There are two days of prayer: March 4 and April 15.

You are invited to sign up for a 30 minute prayer slot to pray for your discernment, pray for the church, pray for that we will make the decision that best honors God. We’ll first be signing up for the prayer vigil on March 4th . Stop by the poster in the welcome area and sign your name in one of the slots.

A short video update
about the discernment process


Read/Watch to the resources linked below to stay informed.
This webinar hosted by Bishop Scott J. Jones for pastors and leaders discussed how we will navigate changes in the Texas Annual Conference in 2022.
Rev. Rob Renfroe of Good News Magazine explains the current divisions within the United Methodist Church and discusses how Traditionalist Methodists should navigate future decisions. 

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