Our Story

The story of Greggton UMC is comprised completely in the unique make-up of the individuals who call Greggton their home. Although vastly different in their journeys, there are 3 cords that bind each of us together.

We Are…

We are real people designed with dynamic faith, committed to a vision of sharing the good news of Jesus with the world, joined together as the body  Christ to be the working hands and feet of discipleship.

We Used to Be…

We used to be completely broken but are now grateful for undeserved redemption, astonished by amazing Grace, healed by forgiveness and humbled by the divine invitation to be included in the greatest cause on earth.

We Serve… 

We serve a good and perfect God. The nations are His dwelling and our lives are His vessels. We have compassion for the poor, and our hearts are open to the rich. We believe in loving God and loving others, just as they are.

What We Believe

As a United Methodist Church,

The mission of our church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

At Greggton, 

We believe we can do together by living in such a way that more and more people begin to live and share the LIGHT of Christ.


We use that Biblical image of LIGHT to remind us of practices that help us to live our best life in Christ:

Listening to the Holy Spirit

Inviting people to the Gospel Table

Giving blessings to others

Hearing from the Scriptures

Taking inventory of our life with Christ


We believe in worshiping God together, joining in small groups to grow in community and faith, praying, and practicing financial generosity for the mission and ministry of the church.

To learn more about the United Methodist Church, go to www.umc.org