P R A Y E R   L I S T

To submit a prayer to be added to our church prayer list (privately or publicly) please fill out the form below.


Please pray for finances and sleep at night


If you could defindely pray for me to be able to get some new shoes and shirt and pants for all tbe different employment and for all churchh events and for all exercise opportunities and pray for guidance and healing and goof health for me and my entiire Familiy and friends Praay the companies of walmart and walgreens and target and amazon and PSA do good this week and pray for them to deal with stuff good and get things done and so they have provision and health and protection And pray for a guy named Paul and a woman named Kayla and seven women named Miriam and Christina and Ashley and Kendra and Jessica and sabrina and Maria and a guy named a steve Thank you


My friend Glenda Hall who is having problems related to knee replacement (blood clots/pain) and now is also dealing with recurring breast cancer and undergoing chemo.


Please pray for my brother Sonny and sister in law Deann they are battling covid. Thank you


Please pray for full time employment and sleep at night

P R A Y E R   R E Q U E S T

We believe in the power of prayer. God values the time we spend talking with Him in an intimate way. He wants to know us; our desires, our fears, our troubles. Every part of life that we cannot control, he has already taken care of, but he wants us to share them with Him, like a father does.

The power of prayer doesn't stop with every individual, either. Please use the form provided to allow us to lift your prayer requests up to Him. This can be done anonymously if you should choose. Either way, we are thankful of your steadfast love for God and sharing your life with Him.