Update for our church Family during COVID-19


Gathering + Fellowship

This time is full of uncertainty and we are in this together. We want to be here to share resources, worship, and outlets for you and your family to continue to engage in a church family that is full of giving glory to God.

Here's are ways that you can engage during this time:

  • Worship + Invitation

    We are currently sharing worship and online resources for our church family and the world to be engaged in. Join us on Facebook or YouTube on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. 

    Invite someone to virtually share in this time with you. Now is a great, unique opportunity to invite someone to church and to experience the love of God!

  • Children's Resources

    Our Children's Director, Mrs. Susan, is making sure that kids, parents, and families have everything they need to stay in God's word during this time. Visit the Greggton Kids Facebook page to get access to the resources, videos, and tips that she's sharing to make learning about God from home easy and fun!

  • Groups + Fellowship

    Youth and adult groups are still gathering... just in a new way! Virtual classes, prayer groups, and times of fellowship with your church family are available. To join in one of these online gatherings, just send an email to aatkins@greggton.org and we will get you connected!